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“Portraits and flora are treated or worked upon in the same manner. I took the rose as a flower as it represents a symbol of love as well as beauty. There are myths woven on the symbolism of the rose. The Greeks the Egyptians spoke of the flower in their stories of goddesses and love.

I treated the roses in a wax acoustic technique giving to the flower a 3 dimensional form as well as esoteric. Candles in themselves are objects used for devotion, as well as ambiances of intimacy. Pigment and other substances I mixed with the wax and painted very quickly the painting. In some I used sand and live petals from dried roses giving the ephemeral. And delicate presence of the flower, the remains of a passed time. The gardens and the people sitting in the gardens are in acrylic, the reason besides the scale of the work, I felt it would be interesting to use a more conventional method to paint the natural environment of a garden with people either alone or in groups relating, meditating and interacting. The social phenomenon to interact in a garden which is nature and man and the social norms of urban people is an interesting theme to deal with and relate on. Also it helped to cool off the hot summer days”.
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