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Zakaria El-Zeini was raised in the suburban areas of Cairo and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts. He studied painting in Venice and graduated from the Academy of Pravana. Later he became a professor at the FFA and ended his career as head of the painting department. El-Zeiny is known to be an expressionistic artist using different symbols in his work and passing by several periods. 

The first period is the "Moulid" and the "El-Zar". His work has always been distinguished for having the human being (face or complete body) enclosed in a geometric shape of a square or a rectangle. 

Despite this rigid, enclosed portrayal, the viewer still feels the sympathy that the painter feels toward 
the human being living in a space in the form of a house, a door or a window. And it was through the "Moulid" and the "Zar" that Zeini was able to enrich his imagination and find refuge in it, thus transmitting to us his message. In some early works when he featured women enclosed by bars, windows or doors.
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