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Artist Ahmed Kassim expresses on canvas the heartbeat of Cairo’s bustling streets in the real sense of the word. Through intricate and in detailed brush strokes he reveals in a sarcastic way what we have become and what we are heading towards as seen in those streets. Those streets that the more it witnesses the building of high rise structures, the construction of high ways and the creation of side walks the more and more the streets close up and crowd on us. Therefore what? The artist started questioning did our population grow more that what we own from cars year after year? If we continue to grow and crowd year after year will the universe take us? And for how long? Where and what will become of us with our deserts and land? At last the artist reached a solution which he always dreamt of; that of the people occupying Egypt sky on ropes extended in the air. He believes that most of us suffer and exchange daily conversation on the chaos of Cairo traffic and how it negatively impacts on our daily life. Therefore this congestion performs itself in a sarcastic theatrical way. How in 2010 people from all social levels and residents of various alleys districts, towns, cities and upscale areas have decided to live in isolation away from the congestion. 

An innate trial in the artist’s mind that he did not plan to construct nor to conquer but it apparently cemented itself in his subconscious and came to live on the canvas at the right time.
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