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Ahmed Yousry Art Work
Ahmed Yousry was born in Alexandria in 1993. He graduated from Alexandria university.Faculty of fine Arts, Painting Department in 2017. He participated in many local exhibitions as "First time" Exhibition at bibliotheca Alexandria and "Without discipline" Exhibition at Atelier Alexandria by the assist of Dr.Sahar Dourgham for encouraging his experimental art works whether in the field of media or painting. He also has some of his artworks shown at the townhouse gallery.
Artist Ahmed Yousry always concentrate on carrying out some visions which are used to occupy his mind from time to time, usually related to his discontent description on the philosophy of the present era, presenting the material control and the lack of the human substance, his style has taken many different methods of expressing mostly in a metaphysical manner based on improvisation. He considers solving some of his mental issues through his lines and shapes as a necessary reason to his artworks
Artist Ahmed Yousry  insists in his artworks to strengthen the idea of smashing his last technique during his current task in order to have a deeper experience and attain wider space for picking up the new and the more appropriate style for his self-development and enjoyment.

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