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Ahmed Saber Art Work


Ahmed Saber is an Egyptian artist based inLuxor in Upper Egypt, where he received his BFA with honors in Graphic Design& Printmaking from the south Valley University. His delicate watercolorpaintings and woodcuts reveal harsh realities in the worlds he creates, and areheavy with symbolism. There’s an edge of political subversion, at times playfuland humorous, and other times, dark and somber.  His activeparticipation in annual Youth Salons, and exhibiting all around Egypt, hasearned him many awards to date. He currently teaches at the Faculty of FineArts in Luxor. I would like to drawing by dry materials such as hard pastelpencil charcoal and also drawing by water color and ink

I follow Giorgio de Chirico and Carlo Carraway in metaphysical art work 

In my art work I use legendary symbols andmetaphysical objects

My work have many details … you see manyobjects crowded over




·       2017    The prize fordrawing and the award of the acquisition of the  International TradeBank CIB and the prize for participation  in the International Photography Forum in"Luxor" at the Youth Salon 28".

·       2016               He won the first prize in the first ArabYouth Festival.

·       2016              The first prize is equal to the Siwa ceremonygrant.

·       2014           4th Prize, AlTerrassina, Young Artists Award, Alexandria

·       2014           CommercialInternational Bank Award for Most Acquisitions, 25th   YouthSalon

·       2014           FatimaRafa’at Award for Painting, 54th Young Pioneers, Fine ArtsLovers Association

·       2013           SalwaRushdie Award for Painting, 53rd Young Pioneers,Fine   Arts Lovers Association

·       2010           Awardfor Etching, 50th Young Pioneers, Fine Arts Lovers Association

·       2009           Headof Artist Committee, the south Valley University

·       2009           Headof Student Union, Faculty of Fine Arts, Luxor

·       2009           Graduatedin 1st Place, Faculty of Fine Arts, the south Valley University

·       2009           Studentof the Year, Faculty of Fine Arts, Luxor

·       2009           2nd Prize,Student Arts Festival, Luxor

·       2008          Awardfor Painting, 48th Young Pioneers, Fine Arts Lovers Association

·       2008          1st Prize,Award for Painting, University First Meeting for Fine  


·       2008          1st Prize,Competition for Young Creators, Ministry of Youth

·       2007          2nd Prize,Award for Caricature

·       2007          2nd Prize,Student Arts Festival, Luxor

·       2007          3rd Prize,Award for Painting, Fine Arts Lovers Association

·       2007          Dr.Ehab Ismail Award, Cairo University

·       2002          1st Prize,International Competition between Egypt & Tunisia, Ministry of Youth

·       2002Award in Painting, Fine Arts Lovers Association




·       2018Participant at Cairo Salon 58 "Drawing

·       2018                  "BecauseI am a father" exhibition in the context of cooperation with the

                                                    UnitedNations for women in Egypt and Sweden


                   ·       2018                  The"Search for a Prophet" exhibition inspired by the                                                                                   book "The

                          Prophet"by "Khalil Gibran" in Egypt and London in                                                            the Hall"Sothebys"

                   ·       2018                 Collectiveexhibition entitled "vocabulary from the                                                                                       Egyptian

                           environment"at the Egyptian Academy of Arts in                                                               "Rome"


·       2015                NordArt.MongolianArt,Germany Büdelsdorf

·       2015              3rd SouthernEgypt Youth Salon, Luxor

·       2014             2nd Exhibitionof Egyptian Fine Artists, Ministry of Culture

·       2014             BeautifulEgypt, Luxor

·       2014             FabrianoWatercolor, Italy

·       2013            TheTwo Ways, Exchange of Street Arts between Luxor Faculty

                           ofFine Arts & Denmark Academy of Art, Luxor

·       2013           TheNorth & South Valley Shamal, Exchange between Luxor

                                 Facultyof Fine Arts & Alexandria Fine Arts

·       2013           Torino-Licciin Luxor, Exchange between Luxor Faculty of Fine

                                 Artsand Torino, Egyptian Public Library

·       2012            1st SouthernEgypt Youth Salon, Luxor

·       2012           23rd YouthSalon, Egypt

·       2009            StudentArt Festival, Mansoora

·       2008            ItalianExhibition, Luxor

·       2008            InternationalEnvironment, Luxor

·       2008            OrphanDays, Luxor

·       2007           Colors, 18th YouthSalon, Egypt

·       2007           Air,Water & Earth, Luxor

·       2007           Conversationswith Youth, Alarish

·       2007           StreetArt, Hurghada

·       2007           StreetArt Festival, Monoufeia

·       2006          Egypt& America Exchange, Luxor




·       Ministry of Youth & Sports, Egypt

·       Commercial International Bank, Egypt

·       Private Collection, Qatar

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