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Sayed Saad ElDin Art Work

SayedSaad El Din



·Born in 14/1/1944 in Qena .

·Prof,of plastic Art at the Italian high insititute (LeonardoDavinci’before’).

·He was recorded in Cambridge Encyclopedia as a very Special EgyptionArtist.

·He participated in the plastic Artistic movement in Egypt in 1967 andmany other Exhibitions such as:

  • Spring exhibition in 1974, Cairo saloon exhibition in 1994, Picasso Art Gallery exhibition in 2000, The National exhibition of plastic art in 2001.
  • e participated also in Milano(Italy) international exhibition in the Royal palace in 1967.

·He represented Egypt in many international exhibitions.

·He won many amards such as :

  • First prize and Golden medal of Milano (Italy) international exhibition in 1967.
  • Second prize of 14th Cairo saloon exhibition.
  • Ouned by  in Egypt and all over the world (Italy, Austrlia, Germany, Kuwait, U.S.A and the Egyption Opera House). 
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