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Vassela Farid (1915 -2007) Art Work
Vessela Farid has made the difficult task of creating pure and instantly identifiable ’Egyptian Art’ appear almost effortless. Her work is spectacularly local, managing to steer away from the superficial & foreign approach to her experience of the country.

Her attention to the forms & body language of her subjects is brilliant, and the work boasts of its adamant refusal to falling victim of the romanticized Orientalist wash that most artists sweep across paintings of Egypt.

Vessela’s choice of colours is a mixture of earthy and pastel tones that are occasionally interrupted by a primary red, blue or a bright magenta. The colours capture the essence of peasant scenes and the countryside.

Her method of capturing light through colour is reminiscent of Pierre Bonnard’s studies, and her calculated yet urgent medley of brushstrokes is quite like those of Monet, which places Vessela’s style in the whereabouts of Impressionism: A school whose style of painting in organized chaos echoes the lifestyle of living in Egypt.
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