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Farnaz Battikhi Art Work
Farnaz Battikhi is a Jordanian/Iranian painter and miniaturist. Born in Tehran, Iran,
I lived a life of multiculturalism and travel. I have participated in several exhibitions
around the world, from Africa, Asia, the Middle-East and North America,
Surrounded from childhood with the poetry of Rumi, Sa’di and Hafez, reading the
marvelous tales of the heroic warriors and fox-eyed princesses of the Shahnameh,
Looking at the exuberant and detailed paintings made me feel like I am stepping out
of time and into a different, secret and intensely magical realm. My love of storytelling combined with my love of my Persian heritage are what started me on my
journey of learning the traditional Iranian art of miniatures. Preserving old
mythological stories and creating new ones using brush, paint and canvas are both
my passion and objective. My vision is to bring to life the many folk tales that I had
heard or read of as a child, and to project them in my own vivid style while staying
true to the fine art of Persian miniatures.
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