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Ahmed Farid Art Work


Born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1950 where hecurrently lives and works, Farid is an Egyptian painter who trained privatelyin immersion apprenticeships in established artists’ studios. With a degree insocial sciences and an early career in marketing communications and business,Farid’s encounter with painting came through extensive travels in the earlyseventies, an era that he fully lived with its European post-May 1968 culture,its American ‘summer of love’ and Woodstock repercussions, and above all, itslocal Egyptian political and social effervescence.


The painting of Ahmed Farid isinfluenced by the gestures attributable to the abstract expressionist matrixthat does not deny an atypical and barely visible form of representation butthat sublimates it as a revelation of his own reality. Slim images of distantshadows and shy characters, that barely emerge from the chromatic texture, getlost in the color waves, sometimes light, sometimes stronger, and constitute areal stylistic feature of the continuous updating of techniques and expressiveforms carried out in recent years by the artist. The backgrounds of coloralways proceed towards a never ordinary emotionality, never an end in itselfand above all in line with the artistic path and with the pictorial suggestionsof the cultural experience of Ahmed Farid.


In his accomplished career as anartist till now, Farid has established himself as one of the foremost names onthe Egyptian art scene having garnered both national and international recognitionfor his work. Four of his paintings were acquired by the Luxury Living firm, asubsidiary of conglomerate LVMH’s Fendi Casa in Miami, Florida. Anotherdistinguished honor he recieved by becoming a visiting professor in theAcademia D’Arte ADA in Florence, Italy – where he also works in his studio.Additionally, he has had his pieces auctioned off in the Gala of The Chain ofHope in London, England, whilst in his native Egypt his painting Melody ofChaos was acquired for permanent display by the Egyptian Museum of Modern Art.Farid has also enjoyed exceptional success with auctioneers Christie’s, wherehis paintings sold for triple their regular price, a testament to his growinginternational reputation and appreciation.


In his paintings we perceive echoesand reminiscences of artists such as Gazebia Sirry and Nicholas de Steal in asearch of the pictorial practice based on color and on balancing of portions ofdifferent color levels. This wonderful mix of American painting with Egyptianreferences makes the artistic creation of Farid unique in the contemporaryscene: then not a result of an artistic season opened decades ago, but anupdate, in a purely personal version, of a language that bases itspeculiarities on the experience of an artist able, through his art, to bringtogether the west with the east of the world.


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