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Ibrahim Khatab
Fields of Heaven - February 2021

28 Jan - 18 Feb 2021

Safarkhan is pleased toannounce the fourth exhibition for one of our most valued resident artists,Ibrahim Khatab, from January..

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Bloom - Summer EX 2020

01 Jun - 20 Sep 2020

Beginning June 1st and exhibiting throughout summer, Safarkhan is pleased to present to the art-loving public
a reimagined off-season exhibition which focuses the curatorial lens on the plentiful fruits of our creative
Egyptian youth.

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29 Oct - 24 Nov 2019

It is with great pride that Safarkhanannounces the third exhibition for contemporary rising artist Ibrahim Khatab,whose latest creative efforts are a remarkable departure from the calligraphicstyle that he emerged and rose to prominence in. Well-respectedfor his exemplary community work in social and educational spheres as aco-instructor at Cairo University, Khatab is playing a crucial role as both anartist and..

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Poetry in Motion

12 Mar - 07 Apr 2018

Gifted Egyptian artist and graphic designer Ibrahim Khatab (b. 1984), nostranger to exposure Safarkhan Art Gallery, will have his alluring creations ondisplay in his second official exhibition from March 12th until the07th April this year. Khatab is not only a budding and promisingartist, whose work has achieved prominent praise among..

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Alive Memory

10 Oct - 10 Nov 2016

Ibrahim Khatab passion with street bill boards and the calligraphy engraved on tree trunks and written on walls led him to experiment with those two common visual elements that we see in our daily life. He demonstrates to us in his first show how he mastered the effects of mixed media with cutout street bill boards and the deconstruction of our Arabic letters sometimes as interloping engravings and others as bundles of black forceful curves resulting in a unique esthetically intriguing pieces of art.
Arabic Calligraphy has always..

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