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Sabah Naim
Gazing at the sky

15 Mar - 06 Apr 2016

Safarkhan is happy to introduce to you the very special and talented Sabah Naim in her second exhibition "Gazing at the Sky". Naim presents us this year with yet another creative concept of her art that relies on a visual and sensual enrichment. A magnificent slice of nature where leaves, petals, tree trunks and flowers enter twine in a harmonious composition reminiscent of ancients Persian miniatures that have been lovingly crafted with crative hands and have survived across the years. Moreover Naim adds photography to her art..

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25 Feb - 15 Mar 2014

Sabah Naim

“I followed the creations of Sabah Naim since her beginnings. She continuous to surprise me with her unique and unprecedented world. With these special angles from where she translates reality and the particular visual language from where she weaves her dialogues.
In the period of “Newspapers” she transformed this mundane medium to a very rich and bestowed planes.

Naim then transports us on another unique experience when she takes her camera and walks around the streets..

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