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Melodies of Conflict

29 Nov - 29 Dec 2017

Ahmed Farid

Ahmed Farid

“Melodies of Conflict” 

Following his last year’s exhibition and Safarkhan debut, the talented artist Ahmed Farid will have his second consignment of paintings on display from November 29th to..

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26 Oct - 24 Nov 2017

Leila Izzet

Leila Izzet 


Safarkhan has the renewed pleasure to once again feature longtime internationally admired artist Leila Izzet for her latest exhibition with us, this Thursday 26th October to Friday 24th November. Izzet’s art career spans four decades of..

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Eve’s World

03 Oct - 21 Oct 2017

Hend El Falafly

Hend ElFalafly


“Artyour Wall”

Opening1st June6:30 pm

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19 Apr - 19 May 2017

Karim Abd ELMalak

Safarkhan has thedistinct pleasure of announcing and extending the invitation to treat yourselfto the latest creations of another youthful Egyptian artist, Karim Abd ElMalak,which will be proudly exhibited at Safarkhan this 19th of April..

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Princesses and Palaces

14 Mar - 14 Apr 2017

Katherine Bakhoum

Esteemed French-Egyptian artist, and Safarkhan mainstay Katherine Bakhoum will feature her latest creations under the theme ‘Princesses and Palaces’ from March 14th to April 14th 2017. In her 14th showing at Safarkhan, Bakhoum will exhibit her captivating take on the princesses and palaces of oriental times, Bakhoum has succeeded in imprinting her unique stamp on the illustrative memories and depictions of these bygone times, and through it she evokes a..

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A Glimpse of Heritage

10 Jan - 09 Feb 2017

Mohamed Abla

Safarkhan is now with the utmost pleasure topresent to you its first ever showing for esteemed Egyptian artist Mohamed Ablain ‘A Glimpse of Heritage’ in what promises to be a..

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