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Dr. Abdel Salam Eid 2016

14 Dec - 02 Jan 2016

Abdel Salam Eid

Safarkhan is proud to present you with the valuable works of renowned Alexandrian International artist Dr. Abdel Salam Eid. In his long journey in the realm of art Dr.Eid was able to introduce unique works using various materials to accentuate his art and inspired by his childhood and his daily surroundings. Dr. Eid presents us with artworks made from multiple mediums from oil work to water colors to 3-D dimensional work using various materials like..

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Hidden Beauty

18 Nov - 09 Dec 2015

Hend El Falafly

Safarkhan has the pleasure to introduce to you the talented young artist “Hend El Falafly” in her second exhibition. Hend has mastered the power of abstract figurative in this show; where she combines forceful strokes and hidden fine lines to convey a multitude of emotions and reaction.

“My work in this exhibition differs than the ones in previous years in that I wanted to show the struggle between good and evil through the idea of..

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26 Oct - 14 Nov 2015

Mohamed Monaiseer

When nothingness is confined between two things it produces a new element reflected in the soul without a concrete material side. It is fate from an allegorical power. An assumption that has no real language interpreting its meaning, but it might be the truth behind the metaphysics and the body behind all those human senses
Barzakh has long been used in mythology and religions as what separates life before resurrection and after the death and..

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Nawar’s Journey

01 Oct - 22 Oct 2015

Ahmed Nawar

 “I had the pleasure to follow Nawar’s journey since the sixties when I started my work in the Egyptian Television ETV and was assigned to produce a weekly program about art. I had the honor to make my first programme with the great Mahmoud Said followed by programmes with the most prominent and promising Egyptian artists. In the end of sixties a friend of mine who was in Spain told me that she met a very promising young artist whose name was..

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The Summer Collection 2015

10 Jun - 30 Sep 2015

El Hussein Fawzi (1905 – 1990)

Sarkis Tossoonian

Inji Efflatoun (1924-1989)

Mohamed Ismail (1936–1993)

Salah Abdel Kerim (1925-1987)

Ashraf Zamzami

Mohamed Monaiseer

Ahmed Nawar

Abdel Salam Eid

Karim Abd ELMalak

Emad Abou Zaid

Mahmoud Afifi (1920-1984)

Mounir Canaan

Safarkhan gallery has the pleasure to invite you to its extended exhibition for the forthcoming period of summer. The collection includes a variety of artworks belonging to the era of the pioneers as well as a roundup of the story of contemporary art. Among some of the early works we are privileged to introduce the works of the great late artist El Hussien Fawzi and the great late artist Salah Abdel Kerim in the domain of sculpture and his..

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SAFARKHAN in La Biennale di Venezia 56th Inter. Art Exhibition

09 May - 22 Nov 2015

Inji Efflatoun (1924-1989)

In our continued efforts to promote and revive Egyptian artists internationally, SAFARKHAN is proud to announce to you its participation with the great woman, activist and artist Inji Efflatoun in La Biennale di Venezia 56th International Art Exhibition running from May 9th till November 22nd, 2015.

Inji Efflatoun has been chosen among a very selected list of international artists to have her own special presentation in the..

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Magic of the Orient

14 Apr - 15 May 2015

Katherine Bakhoum

Katherine Bakhoum represents art that has been forgotten for a long while. She draws upon the concept and the subject of the orientalism and the enchantment of that period.

Through her work we can feel the researches she has done to reveal her Egyptian origins and the magic and power of the bygone times. Katherine Bakhoum has succeeded in imprinting her own stamp to evoke a new world full of charm, nostalgia and magic that is deeply..

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‘Remembering’ Mahmoud Said

24 Mar - 10 Apr 2015

Mahmoud Said

This special exhibition of Mahmoud Said on his 118th birth anniversary is only a reminder of the greatness of this iconic Egyptian artist whose works continues to enchant us and the rest of the world with its everlasting epitome of beauty.
The biggest proof of the strength of this genius artist is the continued local  and international high demand for his works.
Badr El Din Abu Ghazi “El Helal” January 1,..

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Dr. Salah Abdel Kerim

22 Jan - 15 Mar 2015

Salah Abdel Kerim (1925-1987)

Dr. Salah Abdel Kerim (1925-1988) is a renowned figure in the history of Modern Egyptian Art.
 He is known for his diverse artistic creations using several mediums like sculpture, oil paintings, ceramics, décor theatre, costumes theatre, national and international posters and murals.
Introducing Dr. Salah Abdel Kerim in Safarkhan is a great opportunity for art lovers to enjoy his collection which was never been shown before.

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