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Le Nouvel Orientalisme

02 Dec - 28 Dec 2013

Katherine Bakhoum

Katherine Bakhoum represents art that has been forgotten for a long while. She draws upon the concept and the subject of the orientalism and the enchantment of that period. Through her work we can feel the researches she has done to reveal her Egyptian origins and the magic and..

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05 Nov - 27 Nov 2013

Bassem Samir

The "OMG" project is a compiled work of art resulted from a journey of long, deep, and close observations of the transformations that have been happening in our community. Based on common phenomenal incidents, these series convey the reality of many if not “all " individuals and groups of people in the core of the Egyptian community. 

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With the Pioneers

01 Oct - 30 Oct 2013

Edham Wanly

Effat Naghi

El Hussein Fawzi (1905 – 1990)

Emy Nemr

Hamed Abdullah (1917 - 1985)

Inji Efflatoun (1924-1989)

Mohamed Ismail (1936–1993)

Omar El-Nagdi

Ragheb Ayad

Salah Abdel Kerim (1925-1987)

Shaaban Zaki (1899 – 1968)

Youssef Sida (1922 – 1994)

Zohra Efflatoun (1936 – 1978)

Gazebia Serry

Salah Taher

Zeinab Abdel Hamid (1919-2002)

Farouk Hosny

It has been a long time since Safarkhan made an exhibition about the pioneers that’s why we decided to start our 2013/2014 season “With the Pioneers” in order to give our audience and visitors an opportunity to revisit and enjoy the works of the pioneers.

We are pleased to offer our visitors a diverse collection that starts with Ragheb Ayad the great artist who paved the way to modern Egyptian expressionism since..

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The Summer Collection

10 Apr - 30 Sep 2013

Katherine Bakhoum

Marwa Adel

Mohamed Ismail (1936–1993)

Sayed Saad ElDin

The Summer Collection

The Summer Collection of Safarkhan continues this season in the realm of exploring the marvelous works of four Egyptian artists from different generations, styles and directions.
We begin by the work of the great late artist Mohamed Ismail (B. 1936 – 1993) who explores on two large paintings (from a series of twelve pieces) using only two colors black and white the history and..

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Silence of Tunes

28 Feb - 20 Mar 2013

Hend El Falafly

Realism is what worries me , and that I wanted to express them in a community-based Middle Eastern , At first, I was able to express a collective or..

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Chaotic Order

05 Feb - 22 Feb 2013

Ahmed Kassim

Ahmed Kassim is a young contemporary artist that has shown great talent in bringing to life a complex tapestry of events. Kassim adds a subtle sense of humor to his work thru an intricately woven web of details featuring the chaotic world around. His work is open to endless interpretations. By directing our gaze to the highest heaven; Kassim manages to whirl us through his maze where you become a player in his game rather..

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A Life in Struggle

03 Jan - 02 Feb 2013

Inji Efflatoun (1924-1989)

Inji Efflatoun (1924-1989)
A Life in Struggle

Born in Cairo 16th of April 1924, Inji Efflatoun came from an intellectual background within the high aristocracy of Egyptian society. Her mother Salha Efflatoun was a creative and very determinant lady, who had divorced from her husband who was her..

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