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05 Dec - 31 Dec 2011

Gamal Meleka

Gamal Meleka is an Egyptian born artist whose complex and determined personality is expressed through the body of his work. Born in Cairo, he received a traditional scholastic education and his creativity showed from early childhood.

At the age of seven years, this great talent to be able to communicate through his creativity, led him to be selected to participate in the “Centre for little Geniuses" serviced by the..

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"The Momentum"

02 Nov - 30 Nov 2011

Marwa Adel

Artist Marwa Adel photographer and computer design has excelled in her exhibition of the Momentum in capturing the spirit of the Egyptian rebellion, of the youth who led the most peaceful revolution the witnessed the sacred will of man and woman defying that atrocities of the old regime that led to hundreds of martyrs.

Her strength lies in the nonstop movement of the youth day and night amid fire and persecution and..

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"Path of Hope"

03 Oct - 28 Oct 2011

Alyaa Kamel

Gamal Meleka

In this exhibition we witness how two Egyptian artists from two different generations living in Europe express in there own way the current events in Egypt. Alyaa Kamel a young Egyptian artist living and exhibiting in Switzerland and Gamal Meleka an established Egyptian painter, sculptor living in Milan have reacted to the events of revolution happening in their homeland in a unique yet complementary fashion.

This interplay..

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"The Green, the Street and the Scent of Life"

19 May - 15 Jun 2011

Barbara Armbruster

Safarkhan continues its path of promoting international artist who have strong ties and appreciation to the land of Egypt. In the month of May Safarkhan introduces the exhibition "The Green, the Street and the Scent of Life" by German born artist Barbara Armbruster.

This is an interactive exhibition where the viewer experiences multiple artistic elements including paintings, drawings and video art and all centring around the..

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"Multiple Vision"

19 Apr - 18 May 2011

Marwa Adel

Sarkis Tossoonian

Alfons Louis Gayd

Safarkhan would like to thank you for your support and contribution to make the charity exhibition "To Egypt with Love" a great success. We sincerely hope for a better Egypt and would like to continue that road of rebuilding and adapting to the new Egypt by introducing to you the exhibition "Multiple Vision" hope you will come to support these great talents.

Sarkis Tossoonian a sculptor who excels in his fine bronze figures..

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"To Egypt with Love"

09 Mar - 08 Apr 2011

Hossam Hassan

Bassem Samir

Alaa Taher

Safarkhan gallery has the pleasure and honor to introduce to you the exhibition of: 

"To Egypt with Love" in contribution and acknowledgment of the miraculous revolution that took place on the 25th of January 2011 under the leadership of a group of the most promising Egyptian youth. The youth who wanted to change everything in the country that was oppressing them for 30 years in order to let the whole nation live equally in..

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"Cairo 2010"

25 Jan - 16 Feb 2011

Ahmed Kassim

Artist Ahmed Kassim expresses on canvas the heartbeat of Cairo’s bustling streets in the real sense of the word. Through intricate and in detailed brush strokes he reveals in a sarcastic way what we have become and what we are heading towards as seen in those streets. Those streets that the more it witnesses the building of high rise structures, the construction of high ways and the creation of side walks the more and more the streets close up and..

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"Works from the 60’s & 70’s"

03 Jan - 21 Jan 2011

Mamdouh Ammar

"Works from the 60’s & 70’s"

Mamdouh Ammar graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1952. He started teaching at the same faculty since 1959 and up until now. Mamdouh Ammar was chosen to go to Paris and Rome for a special mission to study painting and mural art. 

Mamdouh Ammar is one of the greatest contemporary Egyptian artists who were mainly attached with nature as a form..

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