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"Les Choses de la Vie"

02 Dec - 31 Dec 2010

Souad Mardam Bey

Souad Mardam Bey is an artist who lived in many countries of the Middle East, Syrian by nationality but studied art in Beirut and now she is living in Cairo Egypt. Her work is unique in the sense that she is creating her own individuals whether man or woman child or animal bird or fish. In all these creatures there is the fantasy world of Souad figures of big dimensions wearing the fanciest clothes animated in colour and decoration the texture of..

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"Rêves d’Orient"

03 Nov - 30 Nov 2010

Katherine Bakhoum

Following a show at the Opera a big moon came down from the sky held on earth by human beings who seemed so little. I saw immediately an interact with my paintings where the dervishes are climbing on the clouds as we used to climb in the early days on the pyramids. I painted this moon on a canvas to renew my usual supports. I painted others smaller where men are roaming freely. I chose naturally to pursuit my work on the sky and the clouds. To me they..

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"Gardens of Egypt"

11 Oct - 31 Oct 2010

Anna Boghiguian

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"The Joys of the Mystics"

17 May - 05 Jun 2010

Mennah Hafez

In the heart of the mystic is another world. The pure heart can see forms and colors that the unpolished heart can not imagine. The world of forms is not it, there is so much more inside the heart of the lover. Day and night I see colors and because I set my heart free I have found another world. With more beauty and more grace and more light.  In the midst of the troubles I saw beauty and in nature I found a language. It is the world..

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26 Apr - 15 May 2010

Mostafa El Razzaz

I have been observing the Nile fishermen for years---from Philea to Rashid. And from my balcony in Manial which overlooks the river. They live in a unique world; one that relies solely on the blessing of fate itself. Men, women and children live slow, gentle rhythms in modest fishing skiffs that ply the heavy waters all day.  Unlike a sea-fisherman, a river fisherman (and often it is an independent fisherwoman rather than a man) doesn’t leave the..

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01 Mar - 24 Mar 2010

Marwa Adel

Every once in a while, when the audience is expecting to see one thing, you have to show them something else. Marwa believes above all that she wanted to build the palace of my memory, because her memory is something else; it’s her only homeland.  Marwa is a photographer and computer graphic designer with great ability and sensitivity in modeling her characters and landscapes in a majestic world moving with shadows black and white. She adds rhythms to..

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02 Feb - 25 Feb 2010

Kamal El Sarrag (1934-2012)

Since the mid-1960s, Kamal El Sarrag has been featured in a succession of one-man shows in Cairo, Venice, and Brussels, and he has been a frequent participant in representative group exhibitions. His studies have been centered at the Faculty of fine arts in Cairo, where he graduated in 1960, and at the Academy of fine arts in Venice, where he graduated in 1967. His paintings are in the museum of the colleges of fine arts in Cairo and Alexandria, the..

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04 Jan - 27 Jan 2010

Said badr

Sarkis Tossoonian

A group exhibition by three greatly talented sculptors native of the seaside city of Alexandria in Egypt. These sculptors  represents in their work the many facets of the ancient Egyptian culture to the Greco Roman civilization as well as the Coptic and Islamic heritage. This will be exhibited through various mediums from bronze by Sarkis Tossoonian , black basalt by Said Badr and distressed wood and engraved stone by Alfons Louis.

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