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12 Dec - 31 Dec 2008

Souad Mardam Bey

Souad Mardam Bey is an artist who lived in many countries of the Middle East, Syrian by nationality but studied art in Beirut and now she is living in Cairo Egypt. Her work is unique in the sense that she is creating her own individuals whether man or woman child or animal bird or fish. In all these creatures there is the fantasy world of Souad figures of big dimensions wearing the fanciest clothes animated in colour and decoration the texture of..

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10 Nov - 28 Nov 2008

Katherine Bakhoum

Born in Cairo in 1949, half Egyptian and half French. She studied at l’atelier Met de Penninghen and  l’ecole Estienne in Paris. K .Bakhoum started exhibiting her work in Paris since 1984. She exhibits twice a year once in  Paris and once at Safarkhan in Cairo. She has been exhibiting yearly at Safarkhan since 1999. K.Bakhoum’s Orientalist paintings stands so powerfully with subtle (and sometimes definite) tones of pastel that bring to life charcters..

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13 Oct - 04 Nov 2008

Mohamed Ismail (1936–1993)

Dr. Mohamed Ismail was born in 1936 in Zagazig in Egypt. He graduated and obtained his Masters in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo. He received his Ph.D. in the history of Fine Arts. He held numerous private and collective exhibitions from 1958 – 1969. Dr M.Ismail started his globe trotting from 1969 till 1987. He started with Europe visiting Greece, Spain and France going to North Africa and then to Turkey in the Near East. He moved on..

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23 Apr - 23 May 2008

Anna Boghiguian

Anna Boghigiuan was born in Cairo in 1946 to Armenian/Egyptian parents. She graduated in 1969 from the American University in Cairo in Economics and Political Science. She studied art under the patronage of the great artist Fouad Kamel. Anna Boghigiuan obtained her BFA in visual art and music from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. She held exhibitions in Egypt, Yemen, Greece, Canada and France and has illustrated many books including editions..

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31 Mar - 19 Apr 2008

Ahmad Hamid

The exhibit aims at rooting Architecture & Design Culture in society as any kind of commodity is, this time with much more relevance to the artistic-socioeconomic life line of a place. It applies the quick readymade to the young and wide base public, and also the Haute design for exclusive and exquisite ends of the market. The exhibit exploits both the industrial and the hand made the past and present tempos and motifs. It is about simultaneity -..

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06 Mar - 27 Mar 2008

Hannah Stevenson

British born Hannah Stevenson has worked and lived in numerous cities across the globe, finding inspiration from the visual experiences to create vibrant compositions for her paintings.

Using the technique of enamel paint being poured onto the metal or layered using photographic images - Stevenson creates images that look three dimensional / textured but are luminous and reflect the light from within the painted..

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18 Feb - 03 Mar 2008

Nagi Basilious

Born in 12 December 1949, Cairo, Egypt. Freelance Artist,Education: High institute of Leonardo da Vinci, 1973: BA, Postgraduate Diploma, painting1983-86.  Honors: Fine Arts association awards 1976, Decorated, Ministry of Culture 1979. 

In the work of Nagi Basilious we can distinct very clearly his love and affection for old popular areas where it is the people of these areas of children and woman or the fact of old buildings..

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28 Jan - 16 Feb 2008

Sarkis Tossoonian

Sarkis Tossoonian was born in Alexandria in 1953. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts/Sculpture in 1979.

He started exhibiting in individual and group exhibitions in Alexandria since 1980 and up until now. Sarkis Tossoonian won the second prize in Sculpture in the 5th Biennale of Port Said in 2001. Sarkis Tossoonian excels in blending two different mediums in his works like non shiny bronze with shiny golden brass...

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10 Jan - 25 Jan 2008

Cherif Sobhi

Following the success of his first show in 1960, Sherif Sobhi has become a contributor to oneman & group exhibitions in Egypt ,England ,France .Italy and the United State .He has long been associated with La Barcaccia gallery in Rome, where he has been a resident since  1957, but he has also contributed to numerous independently organized international exhibitions.

His paintings belong to museum and private collections..

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