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Mowled ya Donya

19 Nov - 19 Dec 2002

Zakaria El Zeini (1932-1993)

Zakaria El-Zeini was raised in the suburban areas of Cairo and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts. He studied painting in Venice and graduated from the Academy of Pravana. Later he became a professor at the FFA and ended his career as head of the painting department. El-Zeiny is known to be an expressionistic artist using different symbols in his work and passing by several periods. The first period is the "Moulid" and the "El-Zar". His work has..

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"The Darwishes"

17 Oct - 16 Nov 2002

Mamdouh Ammar

Mamdouh Ammar graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1952. He started teaching at the same faculty since 1959 and up until now. Mamdouh Ammar was chosen to go to Paris and Rome for a special mission to study painting and mural art. 

Mamdouh Ammar is one of the greatest contemporary Egyptian artists who were mainly attached with nature as a form of his creation. And in dealing with nature he doesn’t merely register it but..

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28 May - 18 Jun 2002

Barbara Armbruster

This is an interactive exhibition where the viewer experiences multiple artistic elements including paintings, drawings and video art and all centring around the theme of the beautiful flora and fona of Egypt through the eyes of a passionate artist. 

More over the exhibition includes a collaborative effort between students of the German School in Cairo, the artist and Safarkhan through a project where they experience..

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25 Apr - 25 May 2002

Nazli Madkour

Born in Cairo, in 1949 where she lives and works. She received her Masters Degree in Political Economy from the American University in Cairo. 

In 1981 she resigned her post of Economic Expert at the Industrial Development Centre for Arab States (Arab League, Cairo) to concentrate on art.

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12 Feb - 12 Mar 2002

Katherine Bakhoum

Born in Cairo in 1949, half Egyptian and half French. She studied at l’atelier Met de Penninghen and  l’ecole Estienne in Paris. 

K .Bakhoum started exhibiting her work in Paris since 1984. She exhibits twice a year once in  Paris and once at Safarkhan in Cairo. She has been exhibiting yearly at Safarkhan since 1999. K.Bakhoum’s Orientalist paintings stands so powerfully with subtle (and sometimes definite) tones of pastel..

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