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15 Dec - 31 Dec 2000

Abdel Hadi El Gazzar (1925 – 1965)

Born in Alexandria in 1925 Abdel Hadi El-Gazzar moves with his family to Cairo in 1940 where they settle in the district of Sayeda Zeinab. 

At the Helmeya secondary school El-Gazzar joins the artistic club initiated by Hussein Youssef Amin the great pedagogical figure who discovered Gazzar and Nada and followed them through all their careers. 

In 1942 El-Gazzar receives first prize in drawing..

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13 Nov - 14 Dec 2000

Kamal Khalifa (1926-1968)

Kamal Khalifa is considered Egypt’s leading modern artist. He left the art world with separate categories of artwork: sculpture, paintings and black and white drawings. He produced his sculptures in a structured traditional way with a loose stylized form. It was important for him that his bronze or gypsum sculpture should display flow and movement. And it is that feeling of movement that stays with one rather than the absolute form. 
25 Apr - 25 May 2000

Anna Boghiguian

“Portraits and flora are treated or worked upon in the same manner. I took the rose as a flower as it represents a symbol of love as well as beauty. There are myths woven on the symbolism of the rose. The Greeks the Egyptians spoke of the flower in their stories of goddesses and love.

I treated the roses in a wax acoustic technique giving to the flower a 3 dimensional form as well as esoteric. Candles in themselves are..

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14 Jan - 13 Feb 2000

Ragheb Ayad

Ervand Demirdjian (1870-1938)

Ragheb Ayad was born in Cairo on the 10th of March 1892 and inscribed himself in the School of Fine Arts since its 

opening in 1908. After graduation he taught art in the high Coptic school and made several trips on his own to France 

and Italy to complete his artistic education. He was the first to obtain a governmental scholarship to Rome where he stayed for five years studying art in the..

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