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 Safarkhan is pleased toannounce a collective exhibition for five special Egyptian debutant femaletalents from October 2nd to 24th. Each of these young women comes with her ownspecial artistic message and promise across both abstract (Ghaida Ashraf, Kinda Adly) and figurative (Yousra Hafad and Sara Tantawy) styles. They represent theculmination of months of nurturing and preparation on behalf of Safarkhan. Eachof these budding artist’s work is the flowering of their creative potentialwhich we are duly exhibiting communally under the theme “Blossoming.” This isbecause although their art is uniquely distinct from one another, they sharethe same lived experience and message of feminine expression, aspiration, andmost significantly, achievement, in the first ever exhibition of their works.

Kinda Adly, half-Syrian and living in Switzerland, is fascinated with thecommotion of cosmopolitan life with its vibrant colors and shapes. Sherecreates this alluring disorder through her preferred method of pop art, whichshe intermeshes in abstraction with chaotic and competing layers that arecharacteristic of urban living. Adly’s inspiration is drawn from theworld’s diversely rich historic cultures, and their modern-day versions - thebustling and beautiful scenery of the cities she has visited.

Ghaida Ashraf’s work began as abstractre-imaginations of Islamic geometric designs, before progressing into anobsession with metallurgy, the components of metallic elements and theirrelationship in nature. Influenced by her Alexandrian origins, her palettereflects vibrant tones of cheerful maritime blues, and coming from a scientificpassion, she digests material in written or pictorial form beforedeconstructing and then reinventing them in her own artistic vision to findcreative solutions for expressing her preoccupation with such concepts.  

Yousra Hafad is a teacher at the Faculty of Art Education in her native Luxor.Her paintings reflect in soothing minimalist renditions the female essences ofpurity, sisterhood and serenity. Using a rare mono-palette, shunning the use ofloud colors as an aesthetic tool, her figurines portray a sensation of pensiveanticipation. The emotive power of her work hinges on a mastery of anatomicalprecision and the interplay of light and shadow, as exquisitely painted billowycontoured drapes of white gowns contrast sharply with the dark flowing hair of theirsubjects.

Sara Tantawy, a fresh graduate from Cairo, produces figurative art in a methodthat is currently expressive of grief, longing and a soul-searching quest forstability. Her canvases involve a stark separation of background elements andthe subjects, as though they were disconnected either by their own will orforce from the worlds or settings they inhabit. Her work explores how ideasbecome our main enemy because they control our lives, overwhelming our fragilesouls and bodies, and hence her paintings are tinged with sensations ofanxiety, aimlessness and the agony of instability.

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