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It is with great pleasure that Safarkhan presents the fourth exhibition for internationally renowned contemporary artist Ahmed Farid. In his latest collection, Farid exhibits a soothing and enthralling depiction of the phenomenon of the layers of history accumulating through time and our subconscious mechanism to uncover those layers through the modern world.
Overwhelming and seemingly grand factors like globalization and technological advancement threaten to suffocate and dissipate the once dearly held cultural identifiers and symbols of ancient communities and civilizations, with the promised ideals in this fateful exchange of; modernity, equity and a superficial innovative trendiness, that societies are becoming more entranced by and in pursuit of, to their own detriment. Farid unearths and digs deep into one’s psyche for the historical heritage to find the balance between the old and the new. Some works offer an illusory or dreamlike quality with a mélange of a deep rooted and dynamic pallet, while others are more forceful and intense in their portrayal of metropolitan existence, utilizing more pigmented, shades like green & blue color gradients and fiery, pinks and reds that instill dynamic mode. Farid uses his characteristic technique of layering of colors and figures in abstraction, to emphasize the contradictory charm and calamitous nature of these living communities old and new.
As a bi-product of the dual perspective of post-1960s American pop cultural mythology, he has meshed this upbringing with experiences and traditional roots in the Egyptian collective experience. Farid as a self-taught artist who has drawn on his own opinionated position on the political, economical and social dynamics that color Egypt’s vibrant urban life through a uniquely abstract portrayal of the ceaseless layers of competing elements within urban metropolises and the historical layers like this one. 
Farid has been applauded for his attempts to reconcile the two forces of the urban metropolis and its inhabitants and of the foregone historical city it was once. At times they are competing for space, and at others in a symbiotic expression of togetherness as part of the same formidable mega-organism. It is this contrast along with the contrasts of the inhabitants of these cities, so diverse in their personalities and lives, which make any collective living environment a place of unmistakable contradictions and complementing factors. From thieves to charitable givers, violent policemen and criminals, the isolated bubble of wealthy elites to the downtrodden poor majority whose plight is often drowned out by the unforgiving metropolis, Farid captures the complexities and competing narratives of these contradictions. From accumulating layers and factors the façade of the cityscape, to the ancient Pharaonic huts and temples to the towering concrete buildings of now, the layers and commotion of the city has within it boundless qualities that shape it, and secrets from a bygone era that define it.

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