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Beginning June 1st and exhibiting throughout summer, Safarkhan is pleased to present to the art-loving public
a reimagined off-season exhibition which focuses the curatorial lens on the plentiful fruits of our creative
Egyptian youth.
"Bloom" is not only a tribute to the creative promise of Egyptian youth, but it is a holistic reflection of Egypt’s
collective identity and journey from Pharaonic beginnings to the modernity of today
. This exhibition lends
itself to a diverse array of art across various mediums and themes, all of which are united by the common
threads that animate the fabric of Egyptian culture, society and life and the studious devotion to express it.
Safarkhan is delighted to showcase this comprehensive narrative as told by Egyptian youth who come from
across different parts of the country. We hope you enjoy this fresh roundup of Egyptian youth.
If you cannot
physically visit us, you can also shop the collection online at
and call us on 01270169291 for any inquiries.
This exhibition features a diverse selection of about 40 artworks from 28 different artists, partitioned into three
stylistic categories; figurative, abstract and sculpture, in a resounding celebration of the potential and bright
future of contemporary Egyptian art.
Figurative paintings comprises works from; Karim Abd Elmalak, Ahmed Saber, Alaa Abo El Hamd, Alaa Awad,
Hend El Falafly, Mohamad Rabie, Nadia Wahdan, Sara Tantawy, Yousra Hafad, Ahmed Nosser, Asmaa Khoury
Hussein Zahran and Mostafa Taha. The common thread amongst these paintings are their depiction of human
forms, predominantly females, which are the primary focus in each of these works except for Alaa Awad’s
magisterial portrayal of the inauguration of the Suez Canal, an ode to Mahmoud Said’s 1947 seminal work,
which Awad has conceived in a distinctly Pharaonic character. From Asma Khoury’s transposition of classical
realism onto Egyptian women and Islamic setting, and Ahmed Saber’s semi-surrealist take on womanhood, to
Mohamad Rabie’s impressionist view of female figurines in harmony with nature and the pensive, solemn

women of Yousra Hafad’s and Sara Tantawy’s canvases, and everything in between, the works in this category
above all reflect the soul-searching quest for what it means to be human.
Abstract works from; Ibrahim Khattab, Ahmed Gaafary, Yasmine Reda, Kinda Adly, Enas Rezk, Ghaidaa Ashraf,
Salma El Ashry and Ahmed yousry share the common attribute of being decidedly unconventional in their
composition, ranging from Ahmed Gaafary’s cosmic abstract humanoid to Ghaidaa Ashraf’s imaginative
composition of rainbow colored tubular lines and segments resembles the cellular makeup of biological
organisms as a dynamic tapestry of capillaries and veins, while Enas Rezk and Yasmine Reda both in their own
unique method explore themes of confinement, the former in seeming captivity and the latter in home-style
Sculpture and compositional works from; Hany Gabriel, Maged Mekhail, Hany Faisel, Eman Barakat, Reem
Osama, Al Shaimaa Darwish and Weaam Ali round off this special collection, giving it a truly wholesome appeal.
Animals are present in the forms of Eman Barakat’s serene minimalist interpretation, Hany Gabriel’s conception
of fish in textured black granite, Maged Mekhail’s harmonious pairing of two conceptual crowing roosters in
treated bronze, the black smooth granite lines of Hany Faisel’s forceful proud owl and the soothing lines of
Weaam Ali’s seated falcon. While humans are represented Ali’s abstract portrayal of the immigrant in
resplendent green bronze, in Gabriel’s discreet marble renditions of the austere palace lady, and finally the
theme of spiritual peace is explored in Mikhail’s two-tone pair of bronze figures in prostration and Reem
Osama’s seated girl reading scripture.

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