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Gifted Egyptian artist and graphic designer Ibrahim Khatab (b. 1984), nostranger to exposure Safarkhan Art Gallery, will have his alluring creations ondisplay in his second official exhibition from March 12th until the07th April this year. Khatab is not only a budding and promisingartist, whose work has achieved prominent praise among critics and casual artlovers alike, but he is also well-respected for his exemplary community andsocial work in youth development and educational spheres. As a co-instructor atCairo University, Khatab is playing a crucial role in inducting, educating andinspiring the promising Egyptian youth that are immersed in the various fieldsof conventional art and graphic design. Khatab brought himself up artisticallysince the age of 12 by illustrating billboards he saw around Cairo on clothsand public walls. Ever since, he has been instilled with an innate passion forArabic calligraphic art - a constant theme in his accomplished portfolio. He hasgarnered notable recognition locally, exhibiting across various art centers andgalleries, but his exposure abroad, having exhibited pieces from Sweden to CapeTown to Oman, is gaining more traction by the day.


Khatab’s unique process consists of a multistage development that beginswith his creation of public murals, posters and billboards which he imbues witha provocative idea or representation on traditional felucca boat canvas. Hethen treats this with painstaking layers of special paint in concert with animposition of constructed and deconstructed calligraphy whose meaning is leftintentionally indiscernible. Khatab’s artistic progression has seen him evolvein terms of the complexity and appeal of his paintings, as he has graduatedtowards using a more diverse and adventurous yet complementary color palette asan almost perfect accompaniment to the scrawling and contorted shapes which hemanifests his calligraphic designs into. He demonstrates proficiency towardsmanipulating space, color and calligraphy shrewdly and harmoniously, a tour deforce of emotion and expressive thought. With color schemes that are bothaesthetically pleasing and intriguing, and reworked calligraphy infusing asense of shapely beauty and necessary functional formation, this seamlessintegration is ultimately all about the relationship between lovers expressedin a magically mysterious poetic symphony of color and calligraphy on canvas.

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