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Safarkhan has thedistinct pleasure of announcing and extending the invitation to treat yourselfto the latest creations of another youthful Egyptian artist, Karim Abd ElMalak,which will be proudly exhibited at Safarkhan this 19th of April till19th of May 2017. Abdel ElMalak is an exciting homegrown talent whoseartwork has been toured and celebrated both in his native Egypt and abroad inglobal art hubs like London, Washington and Paris, with some of his creationsmaking their way to the Modern Art Museum after being selected by the Ministryof Culture. Abdel ElMalak’s current exposé is centered around theever-significant theme of female empowerment, identity and prowess, and throughhis canvasing of these exclusively female profiles we are made to feel andappreciate the intense bond between females and their environment, the woman’sunchangeable, indispensable and constant role as nurturer, provider, lover asboth mother or wife, and citizen of society. Abdel ElMalak’s most recentcollection is a celebration and homage to the complex and often troublesome andtaboo relationship between women’s identity, rights, suffrage and her constantlycontested role in society in the modern age, as conservative and liberalideologies regarding women’s role and worth are increasingly at odds with oneanother. Abdel ElMalak’s collection here is simultaneously both a poignantcritique of the treatment of women in what he calls ‘Eastern society’, and aglorifying tribute to the women of Egypt and by extension the world, a token ofhis compassionate and sincere gratitude as to their cherishing love andprotection, and the somber forewarning that we must put an end to this culturaland societal war against the woman, who are undoubtedly as he states, the key tolife, in our societies.


Abdel ElMalak adornshis canvases with tasteful, bold and prominent oil colors. At times seeminglyfluorescent hues of orange, blue and streaks of pink and gold that are allcaptivating shades of femininity and womanhood, mesh to form scintillatingbackgrounds that are emblematic of women’s yearning for freedom, her abundantlove and emotion and her biological role as the keeper and giver of life. He hascreated majestic and graceful figurines in dramatic poses and stills, utilizingbold monotone pallets in unison with textured and treated canvases whichaccentuate the architectural realism of the settings in which these women takeshape. Abdel ElMalak’s exploration of these themes of womanhood and the variousbarriers she is continually faced with in modernity is encapsulated through hissuggestive motif of birds and horses throughout his canvases. Abdel ElMalakplaces birds as more than mere compliments to the women featured in his works,but rather as innate symbols of her beauty and free-roaming spirit, the desireto soar above preconceived notions of conservatism, taboo, and archaic socialconstructs. He places women in unison with birds as though they are, like theirfeathered fellows, seeking to be un-caged and be free to spread their wings andhave the world revel in the unmistakable bounty of the woman’s essence, hersoul.

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