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When nothingness is confined between two things it produces a new element reflected in the soul without a concrete material side. It is fate from an allegorical power. An assumption that has no real language interpreting its meaning, but it might be the truth behind the metaphysics and the body behind all those human senses
Barzakh has long been used in mythology and religions as what separates life before resurrection and after the death and for others it’s the grave. In the science of geography it is what separates the sweet rivers from the salty seas without their blending. If we consider that dream is what separates sleeping from vigilance then it is Barzakh and if the soul is what separates the body from the mind then it is Barzakh, and if the human is the Barzakh then he separates the existence from the nothingness. And as if Barzakh’s value, is the truth in perceiving our reality without tampering with it and it’s what separates the comprehension afrom the understanding.
And if the two things continue then separation is not absolute among them but it is something intangible representing the link between the two things with its special value that cannot be realized and allows the transit of their value like a mirror between the body and its image.
According to this theory, everything of conscious value is followed by another inverse, that has another value reflecting the meaning of the two things at zero level that separates them at the Barzakh to incorporate the true meaning.
Therefore faith is Barzakh between the creator and the creature, between God and man.

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