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Hend ElFalafly


OPENING 3rd October6:30 pm
Exhibition Ends 21st of October, 2017

Dear Clients and Art Lovers,

We hope you have enjoyed your summerholidaysand we would like to extend to you our warmest wishes for the start of2017/2018artistic season.

Safarkhan has the pleasure to continueitstradition of communicating with you an exciting artistic year full of newundiscoveredtalents as well as reviving old masters.

We kick off our 2017/2018 artisticseason forthe month of October with the talented Hend El Falafly.

El Falafly has begun togarner exposure internationally in placeslike Russia, Austria and the U.A.E.as a result of her stylistically modern,relatable and evocative impressions ofhuman figurines. We are pleased tointroduce to you an artist whose work is acelebration of the female soul andform, and in this particular exhibition wesee themes and motifs of serenity,soothing beauty and dreamy reflection thatsurround and shroud these alluringyet ambiguous female subjects.

In this showing Henddemonstrates her mastery and affinity forabstract figuration in combinationwith clear renditions of her subjects, hermixture of bold and forceful strokeswith the subtlety of fine pencil lines socarefully drawn conveys an intenselyemotive quality to her works. Falaflydecorates her canvases with invitingembellishments like fluttering butterfliesand billowing shrouds of fabric,which seem to mimic the consistency of wispyclouds, giving her portrayals anairy almost dreamlike, ethereal quality whichis a mirroring in many ways ofthe feminine psyche.


There is also an intriguingdichotomy which she presents betweenthe soft, sensual and delicate lines thatreflect and represent the emotionalaspect of femininity but also the boldnessof some of her colors, brushstrokesand shapes of these women which emphasizetheir innate power, confidence andformidability in their various forms. ElFalafly’s pieces here can also be seenas signifying the two halves of thefemale psyche, through her embodiment ofpeaceful figurines and in tranquilrest and serenity in comparison with moremysterious ones which are engaged influrries of motion and unrest with acertain palpable and fiery passion.


We look forward to seeingyou soon.




Many Thanks and Kindest Regards,

Mona Said

Safarkhan Art Gallery
6, Brazil St., Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
Mobile: +201005446611



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