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Safarkhan has the pleasure to introduce to you the talented young artist “Hend El Falafly” in her second exhibition. Hend has mastered the power of abstract figurative in this show; where she combines forceful strokes and hidden fine lines to convey a multitude of emotions and reaction.

“My work in this exhibition differs than the ones in previous years in that I wanted to show the struggle between good and evil through the idea of color contrast between black and white and through my rebel figures at times and peaceful figures at other times. And hence the title “Hidden Beauty” where we see the sensation of crying with one eye and laughing with the other and the ongoing struggles between good and evil.
In this exhibition we witness the musical embrace of dramatic events that multiplies the intensity of emotions and affects the viewer. This is my messages that I want to send to my viewer through art, where the element of surprise and shock through my brush strokes and the black and white tones that make the utmost of the color contrast with fast and spontaneous blows. It also hides within it obscure touches and hidden simple lines to reflect a woman’s feelings and her reaction that allows us into her human psyche through a body language that occupy an important and huge part in my work.” Hend El Falafly
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