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 It is with great pride and pleasure that Safarkhan is bringingbackthe unique contemporary talent AshrafEl Zamzami for his thirdexhibition“Solitude” this February 18th till March13th with us. Founder SherwetShafeiunearthed his raw talent and exhibited his debut showing as an artistalmost 20years prior. She has ever since been among st hisclosestand most influential supporters and mentors. Zamzami was graduate ofthe Academyof Fine Arts in Minya, and has garnered acclaim in his nativeEgypt, with hisworks having also received international recognition for theirrefreshing purityand strikingly innocent yet substantive nature. After takinga lengthy hiatusfrom his artistic endeavors, this collection can be characterizedas a powerfulre-awakening of sorts for Zamzami, who has now produced arguablysome of thebest work of his career, undoubtedly in a class of its own amongstcontemporaryEgyptian art. This collection predominantly showcases his recentdeparture fromsemi-abstract portraiture, which are now welcome supplementalaccompaniments tohis newer more expansive canvases.

 These recentworks are imbued with a supremely cultured aestheticquality reminiscent of thegreat masters of the expressionist school. Theartist’s truly original style ofexpressionism is what makes his work special,and it is foremost the product ofthe deepest introspection and introversionthat can only be attained in the truesolitude of one’s mind and body. Thisnewfound composition style is alsodefinitively art brut or ‘outsider art,’ aschool in which Zamzami fittingly andnaturally finds his work most akin to.Through celestial background patterns,unmistakably emotive and intense humanfigures (with himself and closest familymembers often subjects), and abursting palette that conveys his uniquelyrefined selection, mixture andapplication of brilliantly created bold colors,we are made to feel the echoesand reverberations of his captivatingyetoften-tortured imaginative state.Zamzami’s foray into larger canvases seeshim bolster his intensely personalstyle of contemporary expressionism with analtogether more unapologetic andboldly experimental thought-provokingcomposition style, attributing hiscanvases a mesmerizing dreamscape quality.

 The works in this collectionarea mostrare feast for the eyes, representing an unprecedented caliber ofcontemporaryart, as Zamzami transports the viewer through the trials andtribulations offamilial relationships, and the virtues and vices of solitudeand sincereself-reflection. Upon gazing at these sprawling canvases, we are whiskedaway bythe glorious medley of intense color, emotion and setting.Zamzamiaccomplishesthis with an almost matchless confidence and bravery of executionwith arefreshingly distinctive artistic zeal, utilizing a darker palette toachieve apalpable melancholic feeling and a much brighter one which elicitsone ofelation by contrast. What Zamzami accomplishes in this exhibition isanexceptionally self-assured feat of bold experimentation grounded in boththeappreciation and resentment of seclusion, loneliness and isolation.Mostimportantly however, it is a resounding revelation and celebration ofbeingdifferent and special, and the often-concealed beauty and promise in beingtheoutsider or the outcast

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