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The "OMG" project is a compiled work of art resulted from a journey of long, deep, and close observations of the transformations that have been happening in our community. Based on common phenomenal incidents, these series convey the reality of many if not “all " individuals and groups of people in the core of the Egyptian community. 

The concepts of the works are a contemporary blend of the current revolutionary, political, social state, and the past phenomenal ancient history that is long forgotten. 

All of which are reinforced by the echo of a selection of traditional proverbs. A new approach and visualization by the Artist, reflecting the deteriorated culture, dual identities, and a chaos resulted by long corrupted years of silence. 

Now flames of the invasion of globalization burning down the stems of what is left of our heritage, the artist calls for a rehearsal of the never ending revolution demanding an aware audience for the final show.
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