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SAFARKHAN has the pleasure to invite you on May 21st @6.30 pm The Four Seasons First Mall to "Art for Life " an art charity auction event curated by Safarkhan in collaboration with Bulgari and Magdi Yacoub Foundation. Safarkhan will be donating two pioneer artwork pieces : The Owl by the exceptionally multi talented genius Salah Abdel Kerim (1925-1988 ) and an ink calligraphy drawing by the pioneer artist Youssef Sida (1922-1994). Both pieces will be auctioned under a professional British auctioneer as well as masterpieces from the renowned internationally acclaimed talents Adel El Siwi and Mohamed Abla. All proceeds from the art sale from all four acclaimed artists will go to Magdi Yacoub Foundation to help the needy. We are very proud to be part of this great collaborative event. We invite you to view the artworks and make your bids at the event . Please feel free to contact me for further information. We look forward to your attendance and support


Does one look at a painting and consider only the cost of its canvas and of its paint? Surely during the Bulgari Art for life exhibition an additional element is added to the mix of a valuable art piece. Life…. Not just an X factor. A tangible collaboration between the Glamorous Italian jeweler, talented and celebrated Egyptian artists, and an outstanding charity foundation.

To honour its on-going philanthropic commitments, Bulgari Cairo is partnering with Safarkhan art gallery, Egyptian artists Adel El Siwi, Mohamed Abla, Salah Abdel Kerim, Youssef Sida, Ahmad Farid and Magdi Yacoub Foundation in order to raise funds supporting the health care of children in need. Bulgari believes that philanthropy is the best investment to build a prosperous, healthy, and just society. By sponsoring the Art for Life event, the Roman jeweller wishes to increase the positive impact the Magdi Yacoub Foundation has had on vulnerable young lives. More than 850 surgeries, 2500 capitalizations and 13000 patients in outpatient clinic are treated yearly by the foundation, giving back hope not only to those young boys and girls but also to many of their friends and families…

There is a big similarity between painting a canvas and drawing a smile on a child’s face. Both arts could look easy to achieve , but when looking deep into them, one can realise the hard work invested to make it happen.

Sincerest Regards


Mona Said and Sherwet Shafei,

Safarkhan Gallery
6, Brazil St., Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
Mobile: +20111 0070707

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