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Born in 12 December 1949, Cairo, Egypt. Freelance Artist,Education: High institute of Leonardo da Vinci, 1973: BA, Postgraduate Diploma, painting1983-86.  Honors: Fine Arts association awards 1976, Decorated, Ministry of Culture 1979. 

In the work of Nagi Basilious we can distinct very clearly his love and affection for old popular areas where it is the people of these areas of children and woman or the fact of old buildings that stands out. From the old buildings we see how he excels in portraying doors and walls and other details. As for the sceneries of the city of the dead Nagi Basilious portrayed them with such an affectionate eye that the tombs and the tiny streets seem rhythmic with the trees and greenery that exits between them. It is a serene and moving picture that affects our soul and enriches our eyes.  
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