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This special exhibition of Mahmoud Said on his 118th birth anniversary is only a reminder of the greatness of this iconic Egyptian artist whose works continues to enchant us and the rest of the world with its everlasting epitome of beauty.
The biggest proof of the strength of this genius artist is the continued local  and international high demand for his works.
Badr El Din Abu Ghazi “El Helal” January 1, 1965.

“Tawfik El Hakim said in his book "Flower of Life": The artist who is vibrant with life is either awakened in his senses to a basic instinct or enlightened in his spirit to the extent of Sufism, and Mahmoud Said combined between the awakening of senses and the enlightenment of spirit. He is the first Egyptian artist that has the pure properties that originated from the traditions of his country.”

Dr. Hussein Fawzi Al-Ahram newspaper March 17, 1964

“Today art mourns its prime man Mahmoud Said, like literature mourned its great writer Abbas Mahmoud El Akkad. I am writing today and in front of me is a large photography of one of Mahmoud Said’s paining written under it: to... who sang the beauty of the chadoufs which is the most beautiful symbol of the toil of the peasant and his struggle to live. This modest-echo of this original melody comes from another lover to our kind land - San Stefano, Alexandria on 30 May 1963”

Ramsis Younan in Al-Ahram newspaper March 17, 1964

“Magic is renewed every day in the works of Mahmoud Said. The senses are all engaged and collide in the creation of Said’s painting, and from the senses the heart meets the mind, and the dream meets the harsh reality and vision meets revelation. He was an artist who was passionate about light, but not the blatantly white light devouring raw objects, but that which originates from the heart of the universe or from the depths of the soul to inspire and breathe life into the spirit and surrounds the creations with icons that whisper a secret trove.”

Hamed Said in Al-Ahram newspaper March 17, 1964

“Mahmoud said is the pillar of the contemporary cultural renaissance in this country. In his work we see the epitome of art in the field of plastic art. It represents the integration of the humanitarian entity. Said possessed universal awareness but rose above the partial enclaves with a wide horizon and abundance in acceptance. He was characterized by stability in the authentic awareness of the spirit of his country, with the inclusion of the building elements of the artwork. Said was defined by a formidable integration of the human being and the artist.”

Hussein Sobhi

“He is the philosopher who observes his people and draws from them his philosophy and records it in images where he mixes color with moral and spiritual values.”

Fouad Kamel – In his book “Reflection in Art” 1992  

“Mahmoud Said is the pioneer of Egyptian modern art and his position will remain deeper than all those who wished to dominate the art movement since the beginning of twentieth century starting from what the art institutes borrowed from the European academies to replace all old or modern heritages that does not honor the uniqueness of each artist.”

Hussein Bicar

“The aristocrat who adored the commoner girl.”

Conte Michel De Zogheib Avril 1932.
‘’Mahmoud Saïd L’artiste Egyptien le plus génial et le plus en rapport avec ça race et son moment.’’

Charles Ounstler Image 1934.

‘’Le peintre héritier du goût de formes noble et pur’’

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