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In our continuous efforts to revive and propagate the pioneers of the modern Egyptian era, Safarkhan is proud to announce the great success of the special presentation of Inji Efflatoun in the 56th Biennale of Venezia compromising of thirty artworks. The only Arab artist to achieve such a position in the Biennale’s history. On a similar note the MOMA ( Museum of Modern Art in New York ) is celebrating her great achievements and is in the process of launching the English translation of Efflatoun’s famous book “ Inji Efflatoun diaries “ . We are also very pleased to be part of several other projects in the pipeline with museums and art institutions across the globe that are promoting and educating art lovers on this great woman, activist and artist.
In that realm Safarkhan has the pleasure to introduce to you new unseen works of Inji Efflatoun in her third exhibition as accustomed yearly in the month of January. The abundance of Inji’s work permits us to show you the third period of her artistic life from 1952, in which she concentrates on highlighting the daily life of poor laborers and peasants where their problems for survival became the artist’s main focus.
Inji sympathized greatly with the workers and concentrated on showing their indulgence and struggle for their daily living, their mutual collaboration in the fields and in the simple factories of textile in Akhmim. Those simple people became the stars of her work.
Badr El Din Abou Ghazi 20-3-1973:
“Since her first solo exhibition in 1952, Inji is continuously involved in our artistic life either through her art or through her social activities. After a long journey in the world of composition and studies that captured the secret of lines and colors Inji has found the unique expression through these artistic forms and colors.”
Ehsan Abdel Kodous 10-12-1987
“Inji Efflatoun is an artistic genius that never slows but rather continues to advance and increase in an amazing way.”
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