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Safarkhan has the pleasure to announceanother spectacular dual-exhibition for two immensely talented andcomplementary Alexandrian sculptors Sarkis Tossoonian and Alfons Louis. Beginningas longtime staples in the Alexandrian art scene, Tossoonian  and Louis both reflect with candor thetime-honored traditions of the highly respected and influential school ofAlexandria, the jewel of the ancient world. They are now widely lauded names,having received numerous regional and international acclaim for their studiousand meticulous manipulation of stone, metal and wood. Tossoonian has been aregular fixture in the regional art scene, having first excelled and perfectedthe craft of blending the two mediums of shiny bronze and brass - nowacknowledged as his trademark workmanship. Louis equally established himselfamongst the contemporary Alexandrian school with features in Biennales there in2003 and 2005 as well as over 40 local and international exhibitions. In thiscompelling exhibition of two of Alexandria’s finest sculptors we are given amemorable tour through diverse histories, cultures and traditions. Tossoonianand Louis each offer us their memoirs and recollections of figurative andmetaphoric beauty, each however with their distinct stylistic impression -sometimes harmonious and sometimes conflicting in appeal and composition.


Tossoonian  offers us his characteristic shapely andslender human figures cast in dark and weathered bronze with minimalistdetailing. His casual refusal to depict precise anatomical detail, serves torefocus our attention on the ‘impressionism of freeness’ in his own words, andthe contrast, which he so masterfully achieves between the illuminated anddarkened aspects of his statues. Louis exhibits his traditional carpentry mixedmedia by fusing rustic wooden planks and carvings into captivating fixtures andornamental displays. His woodwork is characterized by a frequent homage toCoptic heritage and Christian iconography, as we see glimpses of mesmerizingFayoum portraits peering out of these wooden frames, as well as Christiansymbolism and ancient Greco-Roman motifs with which he adorns thesemagnificently unique creations. Tossoonianalso communicates his recognition of Alexandria’s golden era withconstant reminiscing of the wonders of Greco-Roman civilization and itssuccessive influence on Alexandrian and Egyptian culture thereafter. Althoughinitially beginning his craft with granite, Tossoonian  shifted to fashioning his creations out ofwood and bronze because he maintained their softer and more mutable nature madethem more agreeable to precise detailing than granite, which he reserves forcarving his characteristic modest forms devoid of detailing. Louis also offersus a glimpse into his new creative direction which utilizes Greco-Roman formsand statuettes in a multi-composition mélange of materiel including wood, metaland assorted trinkets to create compelling manifestations of beauty thatcapture the true essence of the secrets of Alexandria’s gift to Egypt and thewider world through the ages. 





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