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A group exhibition by two greatly talented sculptors native of the seaside city of Alexandria in

Egypt. These sculptors represents in their work the many facets of the ancient Egyptian

culture to the Greco Roman civilization as well as the Coptic and Islamic heritage.

This will be exhibited through various mediums from bronze by Sarkis Tossoonian and

distressed wood, metals and engraved stone by Alfons Louis.


Tossoonian is a sculptor who excels in his fine bronze figures mastering the effect of

movement and different textures. Sculptor Sarkis Tossoonian exhibits figures that recall

Greco-Roman and Pharaonic divinities.

Exuding salt spray and age, they look like they could have been excavated out of the

Mediterranean Sea bed the water, over thousands of years, having eroded and refashioned

their features.

Sarkis describes his technique the way a chemist, or rather an alchemist would: the bronze,

fire and acid, the polishing. Indeed that is all he talks about: the empirical process.


Alfons Louis has been greatly inspired in his work by the monumental heritage he lived and

witnessed in his life thus we see his powerful use of stone with engraved Coptic and Islamic

motifs at the same time the shape of the stone used in his work is also inspired by the high

relics of his ancestors.  

Louis goes back to his roots by carving on drift wood old floral and human details from the

Coptic and Islamic era. His compositions vary in design and include various other antique

materials like old nails, stones, iron, etc.  

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