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Following a show at the Opera a big moon came down from the sky held on earth by human beings who seemed so little. I saw immediately an interact with my paintings where the dervishes are climbing on the clouds as we used to climb in the early days on the pyramids. I painted this moon on a canvas to renew my usual supports. I painted others smaller where men are roaming freely. I chose naturally to pursuit my work on the sky and the clouds. To me they represent the mystery of the infinity, the light and the changing of the horizon. This new support allowed me to renew my landscape and to render them more mysterious sometimes in the presence of an architectural aspect almost unseen in the fog. I also used this linen canvas to make human portraits of (2m x 1m). This dimension gives a new force to these portraits which I always loved to work on. To complete this exhibition I made portraits with an emphasis on the faces trying to melt the subject in the matter to render them more transparent. In spite of the variety of the themes I think I found a coherent sense in this exhibition through the technique with the color and by the different historical inclinations which all took me back to the Orient.
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