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The exhibit aims at rooting Architecture & Design Culture in society as any kind of commodity is, this time with much more relevance to the artistic-socioeconomic life line of a place. It applies the quick readymade to the young and wide base public, and also the Haute design for exclusive and exquisite ends of the market. The exhibit exploits both the industrial and the hand made the past and present tempos and motifs. It is about simultaneity - not androgynous or hermaphroditic but with a yin-yang, anima/animus respect to both the masculine and the feminine in Design, Emotion & Function, Movement & Repose, the Populist & the Sophisticated, the Intellect & the Passions.

 It is an attempt at Synthesis but with a twist of visual seductively not a cold distant aesthetic pretending soberness. It is not eclectic but is inclusive though still spare, certain strength from the interrelatedness and multilayer of its design process. 

Stark and pristinely present, the artistic renderings of the designs exhibited radiate from within luminosity and a primordial instinctive untainted purity that borders on the humorous. For I wish every visitor/onlooker to my visuals and objects, to bear a smile, at least while in the show and even maybe later with a slight subtle aftertaste.
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