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Nadine Hamam


I’m For Sale

Inher second solo exhibition, I’m For Sale,artist Nadine Hammam examines the gender dynamic between the male and female.She represents the female in a series of alluring yet subtle postures andcompelling gazes, stating the female as an object of desire, there to bepassively framed and erotically enjoyed by the (male) viewer; men see and womenare to be seen. Nadine’s technique of multi-layered canvases, executed inalmost flawless flatness, appearing as solid, almost print-likephotographic silkscreens emphasizes the masculine gaze upon the female: a twodimensional view, void of all other layers.

Nadinecreates a direct exchange with her audience by stating that she, like otherwomen is for sale. She transforms the object of desire into a representation ofdesire leaving the audience with the sole possibility to purchase the object in-and-ofitself and not the female. What she is in fact telling her audience is thatonly one layer may be purchased, that is to say, a representation of the femalein her most alluring state and not her.


Nadine Hammamwas born in 1974 in Cairo, Egypt. She received a BA in English and ComparativeLiterature from the American University in Cairo and an MA in Fine Art fromCentral St. Martins, London. She has exhibited her work in Cairo, London,Dubai, Paris and Washington DC.  She livesand works in Cairo.

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